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Jayanta Sarkar.

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A Journey of Innovation!

For the past 9 years, I have dedicated myself to the professional design and development of websites and web applications. Throughout my journey, I have successfully crafted a diverse range of projects, including OTT platforms, intuitive drag and drop website builders, robust multi-tenancy/multi-vendor platforms, and bespoke LMS & CRM solutions.

My Most Recent Work !

An OTT themed LMS platform with tons of features.

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Hairscope - AI Hair Analysis Demo

An saas application that can provide trichoscopy analysis for hair treatments.

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Web Development

HTML / CSS / JS / jQuery 91%
PHP / MySQL 77%
WordPress & Other CMS 80%
Rest / GraphQL 85%
Firebase / AWS 72%

Tech Stack (MERN)

MongoDB / NoSQL 89%
NodeJS / ExpressJS 78%
ReactJS / NextJS 90%
React-native 65%
Ionic / Cordova 70%

Product & Productivity

Clickup / Slack / Jira 86%
Figma / Adobe XD 79%
Git / Github 85%
Photoshop 75%
AI tools / ChatGPT 93%

For the love of <HTML>

Since my college days, web development has been my passion, and I continuously stay updated with the ever-evolving technologies in the field.

My passion for creating innovative and impactful digital experiences has only grown stronger with each project I take on. I am eager to continue this journey of crafting exceptional solutions that leave a lasting impression.

I prefer to approach requirement gathering and solution design with great care, as it significantly streamlines the development process.

UI/UX Designer Web Developer




Among the numerous websites and web applications I have worked on, there are certain projects that hold a special place in my heart, projects that I take immense pride in. Here, I am delighted to share a few of these remarkable creations.

Drag and Drop Responsive Website Builder


This is a fully functional drag and drop website builder, which I single-handedly developed the frontend for over a period of six months. Through this project, I gained a deep understanding of web page structure, web architecture, HTML and DOM manipulation.

The scalability of this project is exceptional, allowing for seamless addition of features through modular creation of new widgets.


  • Drag and Drop widgets.
  • Publish to any domain through FTP and SFPT.
  • Multiple user-roles.
  • Admin approval flow before publishing.
  • User-submittable forms with email notifications.
  • Downloadable assets (PDFs, etc.) on form submit.
  • Preview modes.
  • Email customizer.
Personalized Skincare


IKARI Skincare Solution

This is one of the fascinating projects I undertook in the early days of my career. This project involved creating a customized digital platform for a skin clinic. Collaborating with a renowned doctor, we developed a unique system YourSkinType where customers could receive personalized product recommendations based on their specific skin conditions.

Through the integration of various image-based tests, IKARI Pro Centers could capture images of different parts of patient’s face and compare them to determine their skin’s unique code. This code unlocked a curated selection of products tailored to their individual needs.


  • Basic Skintest by simply asking image based questions.
  • PRO Skintest by capturing data from microscope.
  • PRO user-roles for clinics.
  • Generation of unique Skincode through YourSkinType system.
  • YourSkinType system can distinguish over 300.000 different skin types.
  • E-commerce shop – with customized products based on skincode.
  • Email and PDF of Skintest reports.
  • Database of patients and their Skintest reports.
  • Subscription model for PRO centers.
  • Subscribers API to embed the basic test in their own e-commerce website.
  • Showing Skintest results and customized products in subscribers website through API.


The success of this solution led to its adoption by several skincare websites and shops, amplifying its impact on the industry. 

Currently there are 100s of PRO centers all around Europe.

I am open to embrace exciting opportunities!










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I am interested in freelance opportunities as well as working as part of a team or lead one if required – especially for ambitious or large projects. If you have any queries feel free to contact me directly on the below given contact info or by filling up the form.

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I hereby declare that this website and the websites in my portfolio are designed and developed either fully by me or by a team led by me. This does not include graphics or images, icons or fonts. Those may have been provided by clients or downloaded from the internet.

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